Accidental Death Insurance

Nationwide Financial Center Members can sleep soundly knowing you have $10,000 Accidental Death Insurance!

Accidental Death Insurance is useful for:

  • New York LifePersonal Protection
  • Corporate Key Person
  • Corporate Group Travel
  • Common Accident (spouse or corporate)
  • Catastrophic Loss (Group)
  • Air Travel
  • High risk Events
  • War Risk

While all Nationwide Financial Center members are covered up to $10,000 in Accidental Death Insurance, you may wish to increase your coverage. Indemnities range from $500,000 to $100,000,000. For less specific requirements and a broader spectrum, traditional Life Insurance may be an option you would like to pursue.

Life Insurance can benefit you in various aspects of life.

Why should I consider Life Insurance?
No one wants to think of the chances of someone they care about dying, especially a loved one. However, it is important to consider what could happen to the surviving family members in the unlikely event you or someone in your family were to pass on. Here are some reasons why you should consider Life Insurance.

  • Mortgage Protection 
    Should anything happen to you, would your loved one end up homeless? Life Insurance can protect against such an event taking place. Life Insurance can be used to pay an outstanding mortgage balance.
  • Income Replacement
    If you and your significant other planned a future based on two incomes and one of you were to die unexpectedly, Life Insurance can be used to replace that lost income so the other person can still maintain their standard of living.
  • Burial Costs
    Funeral and burial costs along with medical bills can be staggering. Life Insurance can cover these costs.
  • College Funding
    If you were to die tomorrow, would your children still have the funds to support them attending college? Life insurance can be used to help fund your children’s college education.

Products Offered

  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Fixed Immediate & Deferred Annuities*
  • Long-Term care Insurance
  • Health Insurance**
  • Disability Income Insurance**

Personal Planning for

  • Life Insurance Needs
  • Estate Conservation
  • College Funding
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Charitable Giving
  • IRA Funding

Business Planning for

  • By-Sell Funding
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Executive Bonus
  • Key Person Protection
  • Voluntary Payroll Deduction Programs
  • Qualified Plan Funding: SEP’s, Keoghs, 401 (k)s, Pensions

New York LifeAn insurance policy is only as good as the company behind it. New York Life and its subsidiary, New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation, has received the highest ratings from the four major rating services.
If you are interested in obtaining Life Insurance, or if you have questions or specific needs, it would be in your best interest to contact a New York Life Representative.